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  Kherson region is located in the south of Ukraine, in the basin of the Dnipro lower reaches, within the Prychornomorska Lowland. It borders on Zaporizhya region in the east, on the Autonomous Republic of Crimea - in the south, on Mykolayiv region - in the north-west, on Dnipropetrovsk region - in the north.

In the south the Kherson Territory is washed by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, and also by Syvash Lake. The Dnipro river divides the region into two parts - the right-bank part and the left-bank part, the latter is also called Tavria.

The region's territory constitutes 28.5 thousand square kilometers, the extent from the north to the south - 180 km, from the west to the east - 258 km.

The most important characteristic of its economic and geographical location is a wide issue to the Black and Azov Seas basin and the Dnipro thoroughfare. It gives a lot of opportunities to develop carriage by river and sea, as well as recreation industry.

The region is located in the steppe zone and belongs to the basins of the Black and Azov Seas. The largest rivers are the Dnipro and its affluent - the Inhulets. Seacoasts extend along the edge of the region for about 200 km.

The relief is an undulating flatland, having a small pitch from the north to the south. The Right Bank Territory is characterized by cavins and ravines, the Left Bank Territory - by shallow closed hollows. Sand isles, peninsulas and tongues of sand arc scattered along the seaside.

Lands are represented by black soils, replaced by dark-chestnut soils. The seaside zone has chestnut solonets-like soils, alternating with alkali soils.

Forests, where mainly pines and robinia grow, occupy the area of more than 200 thousand hectares. The steppes and forests harbour much game, especially for hunters - deer, wild boars, roedccr, bustards, gray partridges, pheasants and quails, the rivers and lakes - fish (sturgeon, bream, sheat-fish and other).

The climate is moderate continental. The average temperature in January constitutes -5°C, -3°C, in July + 21.5 °C.

Summers are dry and hot; winters are almost snowless. The climate of the region is advantageous for growing grain, oil, melon and watermelon crops, grapes.

The region's subsoil is rich in non-metallic minerals sand, brick-clay and tile-clay, peat, limestone, marl, kaolins. There are considerable deposits of quartz and construction sand. Gas resources as well as geothermal waters are located at the Arabatska Strilka. Oil prospecting is being performed. Deposits of phosphorites and bauxites were detected as well. Several salt lakes, leach and mud of which are used in medical practice, are located in the region.

Two international transport corridors - Eurasian and HEC (BSEC - the Black Sea Economic Commonwealth) pass through the region's territory, which belongs to the transit area. The sea transport, represented by the Kherson port and ferry service Skadovsk - Zonguldak (Turkey) in the first place has a significant importance.

According to the results of the all-Ukraine census of population of 2001, number of the region's population constituted more than 1 million 200 thousand persons. There are 9 towns and a city (Kherson, Nova Kakhovka, Kakhovka, Heniches’k, Skadovs’k, Tsyurupyns’k, Hola Prystan’, Beryslav, Tavriys’k), 30 urban villages, 654 villages in the region. Ukrainians constitute the largest part of the population (82%). Russians, Byelorussians, Tartars, Armenians, Moldavians, Crimean Tartars and other nationalities also live here.

The regional center is the city of Kherson - a significant administrative, economic and cultural center in the south of Ukraine.

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