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Міжнародній благодійний фонд "Відродження"
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Finansovo-kreditnaya system

Jars always revived business activity in a country. 130 years were carried out since then, as in Kherson started acting one of the oldest financial institutions city public bank and bank of society of mutual credit. Played a historical role at the beginning of the XX item, when the stolypinskaya landed reform, peasant bank, began to be conducted. Presently in an area operate a 291 bank establishment, from them 46 managements, separations, branches of commercial banks and 244 bezbalansovykh separations. Annually an increase on the facilities attracted on savings accounts on bank institutions of area on the average makes 30-40 percents. It testifies to the tendency of increase of volumes of bank duties. A trust grew to the jars from the side of population. Holdings of physical persons are annually increased on the average on 50-60 percents.

The dynamics of work of banks was set with assets. The credit brief-case of bank institutions annually grows on 40-50 percents. Most credits, including long-term, directed on a reconstruction and development of processing, transport, attendant enterprises, acquisitions of modern equipment both up country and abroad. Bankers try to diminish the size of lending rates in order to extend the circle of clients, do their business partners. Credits are selected both in national and in free currency. Among basic services which are given bank institutions, there is not only allotting a credit but also opening and maintenance of current and deposit accounts in national and foreign currencies, operation security-related, it is here necessary to take the grant of insurance services, issue and maintenance of bank pay cards of the international pay systems, such as "Visa", for example. Next to traditional bank institutions there are new establishments - consultative, marketings, legal firms. Together with jars they provide both domestic and international investment and integration processes.

Market infrastructure

Deep socio-economic transformations which are carried out in Ukraine touched Kherson. Above all things the ownness is changed on the enterprises of the industrial and agricultural setting. Presently almost 800 joint-stock companies of the closed and opened type, about 300 agricultural societies, 130 private agricultural enterprises, over 50 agricultural cooperative stores and more than 3000 farmer economies, operate in an area. It creates a that base, which provides irreversibility of processes which took a place in the change of forms ownness, strengthens further economic reforms, in passing assists development of infrastructure which helps claim of modern relations at the market. In an area operates a 24 credit union, 3 backing of enterprise funds, 19 investment funds and companies.

The almost 50 thousand subjects of entrepreneurial activity are presently registered, from them 7 thousand and 43 thousand physical persons legal. For maintenance of new sphere 2 biznes-tsentra is created, 9 biznes-inkubatorov, 2 informatively consultative establishments, 55 auditing firms. 195 unstate managements, branches, separations and enterprises of insurance, more than 30 state managements, separations and enterprises of insurance and 4 insurance companies, operate. In order to ratify market relations in an area works over 30 tovaro of raw material exchanges, 14 ???????????? domel, 4 agricultural market, 5 thing, 1 motor-car and more than 40 mixed. By a retail trade 2300 shops, trays, booths, zanimayutsya. By the center of connections from the subjects of menage is the Kherson commercial and industrial chamber. It gives services both domestic and foreign partners in establishment of business relationships, assists development of auction relations. 9 enterprises which carry on exhibition activity operate, from them 5 commercial. All of the resulted sphere enables more active to conduct economic reforms on Kherson.

Source: BD of Khersons RITS

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