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Beryslav district

Beryslav district is located in the central right bank part of Kherson region. It is bounded by Novovorontsovka district in the east, by Velyka Lepetykha, Hornostayivka and Kakhovka districts in the east (the border goes along the Dnipro riverbed), by the town of Nova Kakhovka, Tsyurupyns’k and Bilozerka districts in the south, by Snihurivka district of Mykolayiv region in the west and by Velykooleksandrivka district of Kherson region in the north-west.
The history of the region is rather interesting. 300 different monuments are declarative of this. They include Svyatovvedenska wooden church in Beryslav, preserved from the Cossacks’ times of the XVIII century, remains of the Kamyans’ka Sich in the village of Respublikanets, a commemorative mark in honor of the 500th anniversary of the first records about Cossacks on the island of Tyahyn, Hryhoriye-Bizyukiv Abbey in the village of Chervonyi Mayak, referring to the XVIII century as well, and many other.
The capital of the West Goths' Kingdom Danparstadt was located in the territory of the present Beryslav in the III-IV centuries of our era, the residence of the Khan of Golden Horde Tokhtamysh Dohahechit - at the end of the XIV century. At the end of the XV century Turks built the fortress Hazi-Kermen, later it was renamed into Kyzy-Kermen. The present Beryslav was founded on the ruins of this former fortification in 1784.
Agrarian and industrial sectors represent the economic visage of the district and its center Beryslav. The Joint-Stock Society «Beryslavskyi Mashynobudivnyi Zavod» («Beryslav Engineering Plant») can be distinguished among other enterprises as to its capacities. It produces component products and spare parts to railway, vessel and automotive-tractor diesels, consumer goods.

Processing sector is represented by 9 enterprises. They include famous Joint-Stock Societies «Knyazya Trubetskogo» («Prince Trubetskoy»), «Kamyanske», «Beryslavs’kyi syrzavod» («Beryslav Cheese Factory») and other. Their products are well-known and are in great demand not only in Ukraine but also far abroad. Small and medium entrepreneurship, as well as business develop actively in the district. Nowadays there are over 1500 small enterprises here. The agrarian sector has also undergone considerable reforms. New landowners appeared. One of them, the farmer Viktor Korchyn, runs a farm, comprising almost 1000 hectares of his own and leased land; he closely cooperates with the Odessa Selection and Genetics Institute and the Kharkiv Plant Growing Institute. A medical training school as well as a teachers' training school and an agrarian lyceum function in Beryslav. There are more than 40 general education establishments of different accreditation levels, 4 out-of-school children's institutions in the district. Representatives of 60 nationalities live in the territory of the district. The Ukrainians constitute the basic ethnic group. In the village of Zmiyivka people, who are Swedes by origin, live compactly way back from the time, when exploration of Kherson region took place. Now they closely communicate with the public of the Sweden island Gottland and the Estonian district Hiiumaa. Representatives of all nationalities in the district live in complete understanding and peace.

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