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Bilozerka district

Bilozerka district is located in the west-south part of the Kherson Territory. It is divided into two parts - the southern and the northern - by the regional center. It is washed by the Dnipro-Bug Liman and the Dnipro in the south and east, by the Inhulets, which debouches into the Dnipro right there, in the north-east. In the west extends the steppe, which melts into Mykolayiv vastitudes. An advantageous geographical location gives it a convenient issue not only to the regional centers Mykolayiv, Odessa and other regional centers of Ukraine, but to foreign countries as well, by means of water transport and by land.

Numerous tribes, which had left here bounteous and memorable traces, passed through the district's territory many a time. More than 20 sites of ancient settlements, villages, graves, located along the right bank of the Dnipro, remind today about those days. They attract attention of history lovers, tourists and ordinary travelers. Courageous seafarers of the Kyiv Princes and daredevils of the hetman Petro Sahaydachnyi made water tracks near these banks.
Three reserves, which meet the eye of nature lovers, are located in the territory of the district. The rich history, ample southern sun, pleasant coolness of the Dnipro waves in summer, variety of vegetables and fruit, ripening here, create favorable conditions for green touring rest.

The main sector of the district is agriculture. Black soils and dark-chestnut soils, which provide high harvests of whole grain, vegetable and other crops, prevail here. Grapegrowing and vinification are becoming a leading sector. The agricultural company «Bilozers’kyi» has become enactor in this sphere. Its products are well-known, it is awarded diplomas and brevets at different exhibitions. The regional program of near-liman grapegrowing development is acting in the district.

Processing industry, especially processing of tomatoes, which are celebrated not only in Ukraine, but abroad as well, is getting great priority status. Today more than 10 workshops process tomatoes, but this is not the limit. Facilities of the present primary resources base allow processing greater bulks of products. That's what attracts attention of foreign investors. In particular the German company «Fleming + Wendeln Ukraine» opened here its daughter enterprise, which settles down to the local conditions.

Wonderful people, who can both work hard and rest cheerfully, create this variety. «Chornobayivs'ki Zori» («Stars of Chornobayivka»), a festival of national choral art, becomes more and more popular. In general it makes the district peculiar among the other districts of the Kherson Territory.

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