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Business and Economics

Industrial complex

Kherson owns mighty enough industrial potential. His basis is made by shipbuilding and sudoremont, engineer, including naukoemkie electrical engineering and priborostroitel'naya industries, fuel and energy productions, also glass, woodworking, tsellyulozno-bumazhnaya, easy and food industry. They engulf 200 enterprises more than.
Shipbuilding for Kherson traditionally. It more ?????????? in Ukraine and arose up simultaneously with foundation of city of Kherson. From ship-ways a few ten of courts of the military setting got off for the black Sea fleet of Russia. Later mounted ship and auction setting.
Shipbuilding a most factory, entered in an action as early as 1951. He became a fame the issue of the most modern marine liners, in particular dry-cargo ships, tankers, konteynerovozov, likhterovoziv, scientifically industrial and ice-breaker-transport courts. They had large demand at foreign firms. Today by virtue of terms which was folded, a factory is forced to be engaged in repair of courts. He is complemented herein by the dockyards of the Name of Kominterna to which already over two ages, and name of Kuybisheva. Due to it on repair of courts Kherson went out on leading positions in Ukraine. Other factory «Pallada», by the way, unique in former Soviet Union, specialized on the issue of docks, including composite, which analogues are not, in the world.

In an area formed and the large complex of engineer and metal-workingness functions. The leader of this industry and elektrozvaryuval'noy industry in Ukraine is acknowledge the Kakhovskiy factory of elektrozvaryuval'nogo equipment. His high-quality, hi-tech products have demand at the international market, exported in such countries, as the USA, Germany, Japan, South Korea and a lot of other.
Known in the world and zernouborochnaya technique which is produced by Kherson kombaynobudivniki. It presently successfully works on four continents of the world, except for Australia. After the quality and reliability does not act foreign analogues. Awarded with kukuruzouborochnye combines many international differences. At the plant the mass production of the first in Ukraine combine harvester is successfully mastered «slavutich» which obtains everything greater popularity.
In this cohort a deserving place after power occupies the novokakhovskiy factory of «Pivdenelektromash». He produces powerful electric motors for chemical and neftegazovoy industry. They are marked high quality and reliability in work.

There is the unique in Ukraine producer of starters only in Kherson, occasions of starters, generators for passenger and freight cars, busses, tractors and combines is a business concern «Elektromash». The Kherson factory of cardan billows complements him the wares of new modifications. His products which answers the European standards of quality have demand not only at the internal market but also abroad, in particular in Russia, Poland, Bulgaria.
Well known not only in Ukraine, oh in near foreignness zaglibni electro-pumps of the Kherson electromechanics factory. For many countries of the world supplies with a non-standard hydrotechnical equipment for building of atomic, thermal and the hydroelectric power stations novokakhovskiy factory of «Ukrgidromekh», has Considerable possibilities for the issue of coolers of water, butter, filters of the rough and thin cleaning of butter and fuel and other knots of engines internal combustion, compressors for the ship, stationary and motor transport diesel engines of Berislavskiy machine-building plant.

Kherson successfully declared about itself, as well as supplier of popular cars of the Russian brands «Zhiguli» of VDZ-2104, VASES-2107, VASES-2109 drafting of which is adjusted on the private enterprise of «Anto-rus». In a regional center on the joint Ukrainian-German venture make the corps of easy sporting airplanes which are supplied to the countries of Western Europe. Wide din of storage batteries for passenger, freight cars and sel'khoztekhniki made at the Kherson accumulator plant of «Garden».
There is the «Mechanical factory» on a joint private ukrainsko-amerikanskom venture, to created on the base of former repair-mechanics factory, produce the aluminium alloys of high test. They are smelted from the second raw material - aluminium scrap.
Wares are certificated on the international system of quality OF-900. The Kherson metallurgists got honour to be registered on the Throgmorton commodity street of the coloured metals. Products are made by them is supplied well-known for the whole world corporations «Khonda», «Nissan», «Toyota», «Dzheneraltmotors», it «Is» sorry et al.
One of leading industries of industry of Kherson is a fuel. After a leverage of actions buyout Kherson a ????????????????-factory by a kazakh company «Kazmu-naygaz» Russian «Group «Alliance» enterprise on getting up. Annually it grows the volumes of processing of oil. A lot of attention is spared the reconstruction of production which improves a depth and quality of processing of oil. Realization is set already in more near time will allow Kherson neftepererabotchikam to go out on the level of issue of products which will answer the world standards of quality.

Considerable potential of Kherson is made by light industry, its basis is made by a cotton combine. He produces cotton, bavovnyano-llyani fabrics, double wares, more than hundred their names which are marked high quality and have demand of users, deservingly competing with imported.
By a modern enterprise from sewing of masculine and womanish outerwear from woolen and half-woollen fabrics a sewing factory became very handsome «Guy». It the close co-operates with the leading firms of Germany, the USA, Slovenia and other countries, on their orders for which sews clothes. The proper quality of sewings wares which have demand abroad provides an equipment, set by the German firm «LEGO».
Considerable possibilities are concentrated on enterprises on the issue of shoe, furniture, paper.
All of enterprises in an area are reformed in joint-stock companies. New economic terms enable them to work at the level of modern requirements. Highly skilled, initiative, business specialists work on them, what their job performances testify to. There is potential of area allows it to take the deserving place not only in the domestic but also in world division of production.

Agroindustrial complex

The prirodno-klimaticheskie terms of Kherson allow to develop an agricultural production in wide scales. In favourable years it is here possible to collect for 40-45 tsnt of winter wheat, for 25—21 tsnt of sunflower, for 800-1000 tsnt of tomatoes, for 250-300 tsnt of water-melons and a lot of other products from a hectare. An agrarian sector of economy of area is a whole complex, which is closely related to the natural terms, economic feasibilities and prepared highly skilled human capitals. For his successful development there are all of possibilities in an area.
A considerable shove gives the conducted reformation of agrarian relations it on a mud flow. Now on a base almost 300 former agricultural enterprises which were the basic producers of products, over 400 new agroformirovaniy is created. Presently more than 3000 farmer economies work in an area — most in Ukraine. The real owner of earth appeared in the country. For peasants native interest woke up to the domain earth, property and results of the labour. Presently from more than the 200 thousand proprietors of the landed certificates already 140 thousands confirmed the sound title on the landed share by state acts. They got earth in nature and dispose of it independently.

A considerable shove gives the conducted reformation of agrarian relations it on a mud flow. Now on a base almost 300 former agricultural enterprises which were the basic producers of products, over 400 new agroformirovaniy is created. Presently more than 3000 farmer economies work in an area — most in Ukraine. The real owner of earth appeared in the country. For peasants native interest woke up to the domain earth, property and results of the labour. Presently from more than the 200 thousand proprietors of the landed certificates already 140 thousands confirmed the sound title on the landed share by state acts. They got earth in nature and dispose of it independently.
Kherson has unique possibilities for growing ecologically of clean sverkhranney fruit and vegetable products. Developed and the program of the use of nizhnedneprovskikh of sandy soils is already applied in industry for growing ecologically of clean fruit and vegetable products of sverkhrannikh terms of ripening and development in these places of viticulture.
In an area a course is taken on intensification of production of plant-grower goods due to introduction of littleexpense, resursosberegayuschikh technologies, use of more highly productive sorts and hybrids of plants. The scientific providing of agroindustrial production of area is carried out by the regional center of reformation, founded on the base of Institute of agriculture of south region of the Ukrainian academy of agrarian sciences.

In Kherson a most in Ukraine area of the irrigated earths is over 400 thousand, or 26 percents hectares to present agricultural lands. From them almost 240 thousand hectares are in the area of the Kakhovskoy orositel'noy system, over 100 thousand hectares in the area of the North-Crimean channel, about 20 thousands - Inguletskoy of the orositel'noy system and over 20 thousand the hectares of local areas. They provide the assured growing of corn and fruit and vegetable cultures.
Next to plant-grower leading industry in an area stock-raising. In connection with reformation of agrarian sector now over 70 percents of total number of livestock of cattle and bird are contained in the economies of population and stock-raising products are made for them. A cattle is presented in an area such basic breeds as red steppe, milk and golshtinskaya. Their genetic potential is over 6 thousand kilograms of milk on a year, 800 grammes of increase of living weight for days. The scientists of the Research institute of stock-raising of steppe districts of Ukraine of the name of ?. ??????? are show out askaniyskuyu meat breed of pigs, which after meat properties is one of the best in Europe. The same institute is conduct the searches of highly productive breeds of sheep actively.

Due to scientific developments of scientists of institute the competitive breeds of cattle, pigs, sheep are inculcated in the economies of all of patterns of ownership. Large contribution to saving and increase of the best genetic fund in a stock-raising and in selection-pedigree business brings in the joint-stock company of «Khersonplempidpriemstvo». An area owns considerable technical potential. About a presence most in Ukraine and Europe of the orositel'nykh systems talked already. And yet the pumpings stations, kapany, powerful dozhdeval'nye machines. There are almost 14 thousand, more than 2 thousand zernouborochnykh, over 500 kormouborochnykh combines tractors in the economies of area, more than 10 thousand cars of raznykh easily soiled.

More than 30 enterprises will realize an agricultural technique and spare parts to it to the economies, about 20 give services in repair of avtotraktornoy and agricultural technique. Except for it, almost 300 repair shops, over 10 master repair-transport enterprises and 2 factories serve sel'khozpredpriyatiya.
There is a considerable social sphere in an agrarian sector. Schools, preschool, preschool establishments, district hospitals, medical out-patient's clinics, fel'dshersko-akusherskie points, establishments of culture, sporting establishments and buildings, networks of vodo- and gas-supplyings, rural roads and streets - all that, which creates power of agroindustrial complex, gives birth the creators of welfare of modern type. All more attention turns on the agroindustrial complex of Kherson domestic and foreign investors.
Above all things they inlay the facilities in industry of vegetable-growing. The example of successful acclimatization of foreign capital in steppes of Kherson is successful activity general the Ukrainian-Swedish enterprise «Chumak», ukrainsko-amerikanskogo «Fridom farm» et al. Wide possibilities of investment of capital are in other industries of agricultural production.
Carried out in area of measure ground to hope that an agricultural production will be elevated on the higher level of development and rich agroindustrial potential of Kherson it will be wider known in the world.

Processing and food industry

Processing and food industry is the oldest industry of industry of area. It began to develop at the same time after settling of the Tavricheskogo edge. Vine making factories, based as early as the XIX century the princes of L.S. Golitsinimand and P.M.Trubetskim on the slopes of Dnepr in Berislavskomu district, were saved until now. Berislavski vine-makers tell such legend of origin for them of production of wines. When young officer Trubetskiy, married on daughter of main supplier of wines to tsar's table of Golitsina, arrived from saint Petersburg on Kherson to examine the domains, strongly disappointed at first, seeing naked droughty steppe. «What is it here possible to engage in such steppe glukhomani? — he reasoned. - Unless by breeding horses, as for horse here the real freedom to move about». «On emergency it is yet possible to fish in Dnepr», - calmed itself.
But father-in-law which already pawned next door on the slopes of the river the first vineyards near the village of Odradokamyanki advised a brother-in-law also to engage in the vine making. For encouragement he even brought him hundred bushes wine of hail of sort wrestling and agriculturist. Advice appeared very much, suitable. And a young prince Trubetskoy so carried with new on your own business, that right after building of palace in a mud flow Cossack in 1884, ruins of which were saved to the ????? days, began and to building of factory in a mud flow Merry and museum at him in an administrative house.

As appeared, in kind time began prince Golitsin and Trubetskoy production of wines on beneficial Kherson earth, on which plantations of wrestling, aligote, rkatsiteli, kaberne, sovin'yona, prizhilis' generously, saperavi. They grow here on a that parallel, what in France. In 1900 on the World exhibition in Paris dry wine from Kherson got «Wrestling» the greatest reward is Grand Prix. And yet in a year vine-makers of Trubetskogo are recipients of an award the first bonus of the name of the Russian emperor Alexandra ???. In 1908 on an exhibition in Veymari of the greatest difference deserved and Kherson is pasteurized juice.
And today in the joint-stock companies of «Knyazya Trubetskogo» and «Kamyanske», created on the base of these economies, preumnozhayut glory of famous fine dry tavricheskikh wines. In particular «Naddnepryanschina», «Pearl of steppe», «Velvet of Ukraine», «Rkatsiteli Berislavske», «Girlish fortress» from basements of berislavskikh vinaren' marked on international exhibitions in the last few years by many youths gilded, silver and bronze.

On the contrary on the levom bank of Dnepr in a mud flow Basis near a city New Kakhovka 70 years ago there was the presently cognac production of agrofirmy glorified no less «Tavriya». Seems, God ordered novokakhovchanam engaged in the production of cognacs. In fact New Kakhovka is located close to the 47th parallel on which the known is the whole world the French city Cognac. They even alcohol for preparation separate the cognac masterpieces quite often deliver from France. Although mainly it utillize own vinomateriali, because rear for itself the elite sorts of vine, utillizing the naynovitnishu tekhnologichno-kompyuterizovanu system of krapel'nogo irrigation and fitomonitoring.
Frenches talk that the production of cognac can itself allow the rich state only. In fact the bottle of durable marochnogo cognac must stand on an end not men'she 10-12 years. Consequently, it is too dear pleasure - on such long time to freeze circulating assets. Novokakhovski vine-makers can itself it to allow. As have support not only in itself state but also foreign partners from France, Italy, Israel. The glorious relay race of berislavskikh and novokakhovskikh vine-makers was deservingly supported by bilozerski and tsyurupinski masters. Wines of trade mark of «Bilozerskiy» were not once marked the gilded and silver youths on the international specialized exhibitions, absorbed for itself the best traditions and unique experience of conduct of viticulture on own vineyards, reared from the highly productive nursery transplants.

Well-known at the market and trade mark of «Vina Oleshshya» joint-stock company of «Tsyurupinske», which absorbed in the names of wines «Old Fawns», «Oleshkivska of Sech» et al warmth of gold sands of Tavrii. Wide development was purchased in an area by suckling industry. Most districts have the maslosirzavodi. The collectives of joint-stock companies of Chaplinskogo, Novotroitsk labour for the best results, Berislavskogo, Kalanchatskogo, Kherson maslosirzavodiv and Kherson molokozavoda. During the last years the assortment of producible by them products broadens. It is acknowledged the best on competitions qualities which are conducted the National association of milkmen of Ukraine, successfully competes with the products of other producers at the internal market, is supplied in all of regions of Ukraine and near foreignness.
Stably work in market conditions Kherson khlibokombinat, branch of «Vest» of agrofirmy of «Kheteko» Novokakhovskiy and other bread-baking plants which offer the wide choice of bakery and pastry wares to 60 names. The special pride of Kherson is a pastry factory the collective of which marked the 75- flow. The sweetnesses of the Kherson pastry cooks have wide demand as in Ukraine, hook and in the countries of near and distant foreignness. About high confession of quality of the Kherson pastry wares certify calculation of reward, in that, number and international, as the «International prize for quality» (Paris), «Arch of Europe», «Ertsmeyker».

The beneficial climate of Kherson assists development of canning industry. Tomatoes, sweet pepper, cucumbers and other vegetables, as well as peaches, apricots, apples, vine, are reared in environmentally clean terms of the Tavricheskogo edge, are extraordinarily valued and in our Ukraine, and abroad. The Swedish businessmen of Yokhan Boden and Charles Sturen made sure herein, which in 1996 founded under Kakhovkoy the joint Ukrainian-Swedish konservne venture which is now well-known under a trade mark «Chumak». Company «Chumak», obednavshi a few konservnikh factories of area, became in Ukraine the leading producer of catchups, mayonnaises, sauces, tomato paste, natural tomato juice and sunflower-seed oil, and also the canned garden trucks. It supplies with the vitamin products on an export.

Does not fall behind in quality and to the assortment of fruit and vegetable can food joint-stock companies of Novovorontsovskoy, Visokopil'skoy of pischevkusovykh factories and factory «Khersones» Genicheskogo to the district. In a joint-stock company the «South konservniy factory of child's food» in Kherson adjusted production of the canned goods for children. In Novokakhovskiy to the agrotorgoviy firm the name of Solodukhina proved that own Ukrainian technologies of making of natural juices can deservingly compete with foreign, novokakhovchani export them to Russia and Byelorussia. Order a merry fruit compote and tomato juice and USA in New Kakhovke.
Large possibilities have for an increase productions of food stuffs meat and ribopererobni enterprises. Herein already show the kind example of Skadovskiy rybokonservnyy: combine «Lighthouse» and Novokakhovskiy meat-packing plant «Dream», which increased the issue of products in the last few years. High efficiency of work in market conditions is confirmed by the zernopererabatyvayuschie enterprises of area. After a reconstruction joint-stock company the «Kherson combine of khleboproduktov» became a most enterprise on South of Ukraine on processing of corn and crossing of sel'khozproduktsii, including on an export. About his present powers it is possible to judge from that mill, equipped the swiss equipment of firm «Bgoller», well-off thresh again over 400 tons of corn for days. Such powerful potential is present today processing and food industry of Kherson.

Source: ??????????: ?????.-?????????. ??? - ??????: ??? "??????????? "?????????????? ??????". 2004. - 224????.

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