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Міжнародній благодійний фонд "Відродження"
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Address for contact information about medical institutions which are occupied with the diagnostics and preventive measures in Kherson and in Kherson region to:

Medical sanitary centre «Vivalon»
73000, Kherson, 133a, I. Kulika st., 4thfloor, tel.: (0552) 51-59-57

«Antipain centre», Kherson, 118-A, 40 rokiv Zhovtnya st., (0552) 55-13-55

Ruta, «Dovira» private company, 73000, Kherson, 67, Ushakova st., tel.: (0552) 42-00-07.

«Svit zdorovya, 73000, Kherson, 21a, Kazatckuy lane, tel.: (0552) 24-06-54

«Tornado», medical centre,73000, Kherson, 37, Oktiabrskoy revoliutcii st., tel.: (0552) 22-41-88

Express-diagnostics with an apparatus Rada-5, 73000, Kherson, 25, Ushakova st., office 502, tel.; (0552) 53-47-78

VISION INTERNATIONAL PEOPLE GROUP, Tel: (0552) 23-89-62 - centre of the biologicals distribution

BOHDAN, medical centre, 74900, Kherson region, Nova Kakhovka, 35, Pervomays'ka st., tel.: (05549) 71581, 50496

Regional centre of AIDS prevention, Kherson, 3, Berehovoy lane, tel.: (0552) 273691, 277951

Site of «Psoriaz» fund – http://www.psorias.org.ua/Kontakt.html

Source: BD of Khersons RITS

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