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 Health and medicine

The existing health protection system of Kherson region allows performing the whole complex of necessary medical services to the population. The system includes 5 regional and 5 municipal hospitals, 6 regional dispensaries, 18 central district and over 30 local hospitals, about 80 village medical ambulant clinics, over 400 paramedic and obstetric ambulances.
The Center for Prophylactic and Struggle with AIDS, Health Center, Center of Extreme Medical Aid, establishments of medical and social expertise, as well as those of forensic and medical expertise, two stations of blood transfusion, over 20 establishments of sanitary and epidemiological service, medical college, two medical training schools also function in the region.

The work on restructuring the medical sector, taking into consideration effective use of its resources, is actively performed in the region. A model of the first medical and sanitary help rendering on the basis of family medicine is brought in. About 20 establishments of this type already function. Over 20 ones will join them in the nearest future. It'll increase the level of rural population medical servicing considerably.
The newest equipment, which allows executing the whole scale of treatment technologies, is actively brought in to medical institutions. It gave an opportunity to execute the first in Ukraine successful laparoscopic kidney ablation in the regional clinic. Possibilities of this equipment broaden to the surgical treatment of other internal parts of a human body.

Minimal invasion operations on thorax organs are successfully performed with the help of endovideothoracoscopic equipment in the thoracic department of the regional tuberculosis dispensary. They were highly appraised at the International conference of thoracic surgeons, which was held in Kherson.
In the regional children's hospital cardiosurgical operations on children with congenital defects are performed successfully at the first hours after birth of a child. Pregnancy monitoring and prenatal diagnostics technology allow preventing birth of children with congenital defects, which can lead to death.
Nuclear magnetic resonance and computer tomography give the opportunity to diagnose complicated diseases, including tumors at early stages of their development, which becomes a serious guarantee of effectual treatment of people. Availability of ultrasound diagnostic facilities in every municipal and central regional hospital permits to detect and treat diseases timely.

These and other means, which are used in medical institutions, help to increase the level of medical services in the region. That led to considerable decline of infant and maternal mortality. A positive tendency to birthrate increase was marked. There are some positive changes in other spheres, too.
Almost 4 thousand qualified doctors and over 10 thousand primary health workers and nurses, including about 40 candidates of medical sciences, perform medical servicing of the population. In the country medical workers are given houserooms, land plots for farm holding in order to encourage their work in rural regions, crediting of housing is offered as well with the same aim. All means together help supporting the health protection system in good working order.

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