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Henichesk district

This district is located in the outer southern-eastern part of Kherson region, on the northern coast of the Azov Sea. It borders on Yakymivka district of Zaporizhya region in the north, on Ivanivka and Novotroyits’k districts of Kherson region in the north-west, on Dzhankoy and Lenino districts of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in the south. The district center - the town of Heniches’k was founded in 1784.
Sectors of agrarian and industrial directions represent the district's economics. This district has advantageous conditions for growing grain, oil crops, vegetables, melons and watermelons. Significant attention is paid to development of cattle-breeding, pig-breeding, sheep-breeding and poultry husbandry.
Processing industry is one of the leading sectors of the district's economy. Considerable number of enterprises uses local raw materials. Bringing production to a new commercial level, increasing its quality and marketability are performed continually.

The Joint-Stock Company «Heniches’kyi Khlibozavod» («Heniches’k Bakery») is the basic enterprise in the district, which provides the population with bread and bakery products. It manufactures more than 35 items. The Society «Khersones» and the Cannery of the Shevchenko Joint-Stock Company are on a level with the above enterprise.
The former is fitted with modern manufacturing equipment, which allows production of high quality output. The assortment of canned products is being constantly enlarged in the cannery.
Iodated white salt, manufactured by the Heniches’k Salt-Producing Plant, which is already more than 160 years old, is in great demand as well. Some of its sorts have curative properties.
Development of entrepreneurship is given a lot of attention in the district. Almost 3 thousand persons are occupied in it. Their contribution to formation of the district's gross domestic product makes over 20 percents.

The district possesses great tourism and recreation opportunities.The basic natural resources are the climate of recreational zones of the Azov Sea, curative muds and leach of the Syvash, as well as thermal waters of Arabatska Strilka. Nowadays 109 resort and health improving establishments, 21 of them are children's health-improving camps, function in the district.
Azov-Syvas’kyi National Nature Park, total area of which together with the water area of the reserve fund constitutes 29 thousand hectares, excite great interest of the district's visitors. Its basic part is located in the islands of Biryuchyi and Kuyuk-Tuk.
A ramified network of trading and non-manufacturing business was created in the district, which allows satisfying requirements of the population and guests of the district completely.

A considerable educational and cultural potential is concentrated in the district. More than 80 educational establishments of different accreditation levels function there, including a medical training school, 3 vocational and training schools, a lyceum, a gymnasium and a sanatorium boarding school. The regional festival of national cultures «Tavriys’ka Rodyna» («Tavria Family») is held in Heniches’k annually, which stimulates development of creative abilities and spiritual solidarity of people of different nationalities, living in the territory of Kherson region.
Reorganization of the merchant seaport was performed, which enlarges possibilities of the district's connection with the outer world.

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