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Local History

The region was founded on March 30, 1944.
Its territory constitutes 28.5 thousand square kilometers.
Over 1200 thousand people live in the region according to the population census of 2001.
A city and 3 towns of regional subordination, namely Kherson, Nova Kakhovka, Kakhovka, 6 towns of district subordination - Beryslav, Henichesk, Hola Prystan, Skadovsk, Tavriysk, Tsyurupynsk, 30 urban villages, 654 villages are located in the region's territory.
The city of Kherson is a regional center.
Administratively the region is divided into 18 rural districts and 3 municipal ones in the city of Kherson.
There is a regional state administration and a regional Rada, 18 district state administrations and 18 district Radas, 9 municipal Radas and executive committees, 30 village Radas and executive committees, 259 village Radas and executive committees in the region.

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