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Kalanchak district

This district is located in the southern part of Kherson region. It is bounded by Tsyurupyns’k and Chaplynka districts in the north and east, by Skadovs’k district in the west, by Krasnoperekops’k district of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in the south. It is washed by waters of Dzharylhach and Karkinitska Bays of the Black Sea in the south.
Local natural conditions favor organization of people's summer holidays. The Black Sea beaches with curative air, infused on bromine and iodine ions, extend here for 35 km. Cheap, wholefood vegetables and fruit and almost 300 sunny days a year complement this list of advantages perfectly.
Visitors can be interested by local ancient monuments.Near Kalanchak archeologists found ornamented utensils, a unique church building with three anthropomorphous stelae.The Scythian, Sarmatian and other nomad's burial grounds are in the district's territory of the XI - XIII centuries were discovered. Besides, the grave of Sofia Faltz-Fein, mother of the founder of «Askania-Nova» reserve, is located in the village of Khorly as well.

Immigrants from the northern Ukrainian provinces began to people the territory of the district at the end of the XVIII century. They brought their culture and skills of farming and cattle-breeding. At the beginning of the last century several enterprises, which processed agricultural stock, had already functioned in the district.
The agricultural development became more effective after the Dnipro water was supplied to this district by channels, which provided high yields growing. Rice is one of the basic crops. Besides, wheat, sunflower, corn, vegetables, melons, watermelons and grapes are grown here. Meet-dairy cattle-breeding and sheep farming predominate in the animal husbandry sector.

Modern industrial infrastructure of the district is represented by such joint-stock companies as «Kalanchats’kyi Combinat Khliboproductiv» («Kalanchak Cereal Integrated Works»), «Kalanchats’kyi Maslozavod» «Kalanchak Creamery»), «Kalanchats’ka Kharchosmakova Fabryka» («Kalanchak Food Flavoring Factory»), «Kalanchats’kyi Konservnyi Zavod» («Kalanchak Cannery»), products of which are in great demand.
The Joint-Stock Company «Chervonyi Chaban» is an acknowledged national leader in the sphere of sheep breeding.
Four enterprises represent the district's industrial infrastructure. The JSC «Kalanchats’kyi Kombinat Khliboproductiv» («Kalanchak Cereal Integrated Works») is one of the rice-processing industry giants, processing capacity of which constitutes over 50 thousand tons a year.

Output of the JSC «Kalanchats’kyi Maslozavod» («Kalanchak Creamery») is familiar to many customers beyond Kherson region. The enterprise was awarded three golden medals for its products quality.
The Cannery has considerable capacities as to manufacturing food products. The JSC «Kalanchts’ka Kharchosmakova Fabryka» («Kalanchak Food Flavoring factory») sells its products not only in Ukraine but also near and far abroad.

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