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Kherson is distinguished among other regional centers of Ukraine by its specific location, historic development and economic potential. It is situated on the Dnipro right bank in the most magnificent part of the river - its estuary with numerous distributaries, channels, lakes, at the distance of 36 km from the place, where the third largest river in Europe flows into the Dnipro-Bug Liman of the Black Sea.
Wide prospects and streets of Kherson as a stone horseshoe rise boldly from the grayheaded Dnipro waves and run to the very spacious Steppe near the Black Sea. Shady parks, squares, broad residential districts, spacious factory buildings occupy more than 6.5 thousand hectares. About 370 thousand people live in Kherson in accordance with the population census of 2001.

The Ukrainians, Russians, Byelorussians, Jews, Armenians, Moldavians, Tartars, Germans, Greeks, Azerbaijani and representatives of other nationalities live in Kherson. The city is divided into 3 political districts - Dniprovskyi, Komsomolskyi and Suvorovskyi.
Kherson has been connected with the sea, shipbuilding and shipping from the time of its foundation. This sector as well as ship repair is a leading sector in the city. It is represented by 5 enterprises.
The Shipbuilding Yard, constructed in the middle of the last century, is the biggest enterprise among them. Ultramodern tankers, dry cargo vessels, lighter aboard ships, icebreakers, transport, scientific vessels, many of them made for export, started out for their far sea voyages from its slipways.

The enterprise «Kherson-SudoServis» («Kherson Ships' Service»), which inherited a work relay from the former giant, was created on its basis. A ship for catching mollusca to the order of the Dutch company has been already built at the enterprise. Other enterprise, founded on the basis of the same former titan, deals with repair of modern vessels.
The Comintern Dock as well as the Kuybyshev Dock redounds to the maritime traditions. The former was constructed in Kherson way back in 1797 as a merchants' dockyard, where trading vessels were built. Almost 1000 vessels according to 38 projects were built by this yard only for the postwar period starting from 1944. Nowadays it is occupied in ship repair. The Kuybyshev Yard dealt with repair of fishing trawlers of the former fleet «Soviet Ukraine». Today it follows this tradition as well.
One more plant «Pallada» continues to build floating docks. Unique composite floating docks with cargo capacity from 7 to 28 thousand tons are world-known. Over 60 of them were already set afloat. They do not have the world analogues up to the present day.

Fuel-producing industry is the second leading sector in Kherson. Nowadays it is represented by the Joint-Stock Society «KhersonNaftoPererobka» («Kherson Oil Refining»), which is the third enterprise in Ukraine as to oil refining capacities. The reconstruction of the factory is performed due to investments of the Kazakh Company «KazakhOil» and the Russian «Group Alliance». It is being updated in technical features.
The city at the Dnipro has a considerable engineering and metalworking potential as well. 30 enterprises represent this sector. The Joint-Stock Society «Kherson combines» is the largest one, which tracks back to 1887, when the private entrepreneur Hurevych founded it on the basis of iron-casting workshops. The Plant remains a monopoly corn harvesters producer in the territory of the Union of Independent States.

The Cardan Shafts Plant and Electric Engineering Plant are the sole specialized enterprises in Ukraine, which provide production of important parts for automobiles, tractors, combines and other equipment. The youngest enterprise «AntoRus» assembles the Russian motor cars «Zhyhuli»; the Joint-Stock Ukrainian-German enterprise «East-West Consulting» assembles sports airplanes; the former Repair and Engineering Works brought the production of aluminium alloys, which are exported, to a modern level.
The light industry holds an important place in the city's industrial complex. It is represented by the largest in Europe Cotton Mill, the Clothes Joint-Stock Society «Krasen», which supplies men and women's overgarment to the customers from the USA, Germany, Slovakia and other foreign countries. The Clothes Factory «Dynamo» produces sportswear. The reformed Leather-Processing Factory, which bears the name «Platan LTD» nowadays, began production of exclusive women, men and children's footwear.

The processing industry, including over fifteen enterprises, has a significant value as well. The confectionery, «Khersonskyi Kombinat Khliboproductiv» («Kherson Cereal Integrated Plant»), the dairy factory, the creamery, the Soft Drinks Factory «Dzherelo» and other are the leading ones. Kherson canned fruit and vegetables, produced by the «Pivdennyi Konservnyi Zavod Dytyachoho Kharchuvannya» («Southern Canning Factory of Infant Food») in particular, are well-known among the customers. The Joint-Stock Society «UkrSkloProm» («Ukrainian Glass Works Industry») satisfies more than a half of needs for glass containers in Ukraine.
Priority importance is attached to development of small and medium entrepreneurship in Kherson. The Registration Chamber of Private Entrepreneurs and Businessmen in Kherson was opened the second in Ukraine. Now there are almost 5 thousand small enterprises in Kherson not only in the trade and public catering sectors but also in construction and industry.

Such enterprises as «Sada» and «Bioloh» («Biologist») began to produce batteries, soft roofing materials.
Kherson is a significant transport junction in the South of Ukraine. Using its advantageous geographical location, it holds up an old tradition from the time of its foundation way back in 1778. First of all, the single on the Dnipro merchant sea port, as well as a river port, which develop actively, are the Kherson's issues to foreign countries.
A modern Railway Station, which completely changed its exterior and interior upon the 225 anniversary of Kherson, celebrated in 2003, became a railroad gate of the city. Its renovation as well as renovation of platform meets the European standards requirements. An auspicious highway network gives an opportunity to connect with any place in Ukraine and abroad. The Air Terminal Complex allows servicing both domestic and international airlines.

Electric communication, founded by the Russian inventor Popov way back in 1902 is now well-spread. Then a wireless connection between Hola Prystan’ and Kherson was successfully made for the first time. The Kherson management «Ukrtelecom» is a leading communication operator in the city and region. A new servicing center, opened in the city, allows its subscribers to connect instantly with any town both in Ukraine and abroad with the help of telephone, facsimile or electronic connection.
Privatization as well as reorganization of the trading, public catering enterprises and non-manufacturing business was carried out in the city. About 1000 food stores and industrial goods stores, over 500 public catering establishments function in the territory of Kherson; more than 400 enterprises render domestic services.
A developed network of medical institutions is at the Kherson inhabitants' disposal. It includes 8 hospitals and polyclinics. One of the best in Ukraine diagnostic centers functions in the city.

Kherson became a university city since the time, when Ukraine had gained its independence. 4 universities, 2 institutes, 10 technical schools, colleges and training schools, 12 vocational schools act in the city. 70 general education schools, including 4 gymnasiums, 5 lyceums, 8 specialized schools, 5 educational and training complexes «school-kindergarten» function as well.
Kherson has cultural diversions to offer, places to spend spare time to good purpose. The regional Mykola Kulish Music and Drama Theatre and the Puppet Theatre are at the Khersoners and Kherson guests' disposition. A big cinema and concert hall «Yuvileynyi» («Anniversary»), 5 cultural centers, 7 cinemas, cultural and rest center «Millennium», 12 libraries function in the city.

The physical culture and sports movement is on high level. 5 stadiums, almost 250 playgrounds, 16 aquatic sports centers, 19 tennis-courts, 24 football grounds, 24 shooting saloons, 111 sports halls and a skating palace serve lovers of sport and physical culture.
The Chess and Draughts Center became well-known in Ukraine and abroad. Numerous sportsmen hand on the traditions of their famous countryman, a repeated champion of the Olympic Games and a world champion in sports gymnastics, Larysa Latynina.
The regional state tele- and radio broadcast station, as well as a number of commercial tele- and radio casters work in the city; about 40 newspapers are published here.
27 church buildings function in the city. Most of themare orthodox. The Greek Catholic, Roman Catholic, Jew, Protestant societies act as well. The religious organizations and societies publish their own printings.

The Kherson's historic past attracts attention of its guests. Kherson was founded by the Russian Empress Kateryna II. Historic monuments, in particular Ochakivs’ki Gate, the monument to the first shipbuilders and other, remind of it now. On the occasion of the 225 anniversary of Kherson the monument to its founder Hryhoriy Potyomkin, which was demounted by the former reformers of social life in 1921, was renewed. The Princes' ashes lay in the Katerynynskyi Cathedral.
Rich historic monuments, significant economic potential, grateful natural conditions give an opportunity to make investment, organize cultural diversions, as well as to improve people's health. What joy you can get from looking at the luxuriant green Dnipro reedy places and from fishing with an angle at quiet glides! Sandy beaches and a small zoo in Hydropark invite their visitors. By the way, one sixth of the territory of Kherson is occupied by a green zone and flowers.

Development of export-oriented and import-substituting productions, as well as elevation of small and middle entrepreneurship, extending of telecommunication networks and transport infrastructure is the priority direction of the further progress of the city and strengthening of its economics. Enlargement of agricultural products processing, development of housing and public utilities are also included in plans of the progress.
Possibilities of investing capital in the city's economics are a focus of foreign and domestic investors' attention. In 2003 more than 3 million dollars were put in it. The investments came from more than 20 countries, namely from Cyprus, Sweden, Great Britain, Germany, the USA, Turkey and the Netherlands. The foreign investments in the amount of 30 million dollars in total were put in more than 40 enterprises of the city for all years.
Almost 150 enterprises of the city export production of their own manufacture; more then 30 render services for export. Foreign-trade operations were performed with almost 70 countries. A considerable part in the export structure falls at supplies of petroleum products, aluminium and its derivatives, clothes and accessories, vessels and other floating craft.
The city maintains and develops close relationships with foreign sister-cities. The agreement on establishment of partner relationships and cooperation development was concluded in the town of Surgut, the Russian Federation. Analogous documents were signed with the representatives of the city of Tiraspol, the Republic of Moldova, and other.
Kherson has great perspectives for its development. The city on the grey-headed Dnipro welcomes to cooperation and invites its guests.

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