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Міжнародній благодійний фонд "Відродження"
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Artistic museum the name of ?. Shovkunenko
73000, Kherson, street of Lenin, 34,
telephone:(0552) 24-31-64, 24-30-12. More detailed information on a site:

 http:// ns-tour.com.ua/tour/ciexcursion.html?country=27&city=158&excursion=92

Regional museum
73000, Kherson, street of Lenin, 9,
telephone: (0552) 24-10-74.

Separation of natural scientist of regional museum
73000, Kherson, street of Gor'kogo, 5,
telephone: (0552) 24-10-92.

Literary separation of regional museum, a museum is an apartment of Boris Lavreneva
73000, Kherson, street of Gor'kogo, 1,
telephone: (0552) 26-30-66.

Source: Kherson youths: reference book. Over reason. ?. Tyutyunik worked and in.; Kherson. Area Fund of mercy and health. it is Kherson: [?.?.], 2004 (seal. “Old”). – 87 with.

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