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Міжнародній благодійний фонд "Відродження"
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Nova Kakhovka

Every place on the Earth has its features, which define its distinctness and soleness. Singularity of Nova Kakhovka can be not only explained by the fact that it is the youngest town in the region - in February 2002 it celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. This town is one of the most beautiful in Ukraine too, it is compared with a pearl on the Low Dnipro's bank. Cool breath of the grand river and hot blow of the Skythian Steppe with sharp smell of grass and delicate wines of Taurida has merged in it together.
In the period of its construction, connected with beginning of the Kakhovka hydro-electric plant building in 1950, at the place where the village Klyuchove (founded in 1891) was located, architects used both exquisite and at the same time simple style, with geometrically drawn plot of buildings, classically sharp calligraphy of streets. Though at that time only type constructions were recommended for building, they tried and decorated them with arcs, frontons, portals, decorative and ornamental insertions, which allowed to create real architectural ensembles in the sunny town.

The builders under guidance of the architect A. Matorin accomplished a real working feat - they constructed a new town-garden at the Oleshkivs’ki sands close to Dnipro , furthermore they did it without any huts, with the full complex of cultural and household establishments in record short terms - incomplete four years. So life had been in a full bustle, when on September 30, 1956, a year earlier than the planned term, the last, sixth hydroelectric unit was put into operation, having joint the other already operating units. The Kakhovka hydro-electric plant with the capacity of 312 thousand kWt was connected to the energetic circle Donbas - Rostov-on-Don.
In 1958 at the World Symposium of Architects in Moscow achievements of the builders of Nova Kakhovka were highly appreciated, Nova Kakhovka was lovingly named as the town from «Lebedyna Pisnya» («Swan-song»). It was included into the number of architectural monuments of the state by the decision of the Council of Ministers of Ukraine. During the last years Nova Kakhovka is awarded the third place among the towns of as the third category, in the all-Ukraine competition «City of best development».

Nova Kakhovka has an advantageous geographical location as well (It is situated at the distance of 70 km form the regional center - at the junction of the main water artery of the country - the Slavutych - and important international automobile route: Rostov-on-Don — Odessa — Reni; and governmental route: Kyiv — Simferopol. At the distance of 6 km in the town of Tavriys’k, which together with several villages is in subordination of Nova Kakhovka, there is the railway station Kakhovka. Therefore, you can easily get there from any region of Ukraine.
Today Nova Kakhovka is a modern industrial town, where more than 70 thousand people live in ecologically safe conditions.Planted area with square not less than in Kyiv or Sochi falls at one inhabitant of Nova Kakhovka.
Totally there are over 900 enterprises of different patterns of ownership in Nova Kakhovka. The collective pattern of ownership prevails in industry. The state sector is represented by the Kakhovka hydro-electric plant, capacity of which constitutes 1170 mln kWt a year nowadays. More than 20 large enterprises and about 50 small ones are concentrated in the industrial sector of thet own.

The inhabitants of Nova Kakhovka are proud of the OJSC «The South Electric Engineering Plant», where electromotors, generators, motors for coal, chemical and other sectors of the industry are produced, as well as of the CJSC «Plant of Big Electrical Machines», production of which is exported. Many world countries know the plant «Ukrhydromech », Nova Kakhovka, where hydrotechnical nonstandardized equipment and metalworks for atomic, thermal and hydroelectric plants is produced.
In the agribusiness of the town as well as that of Ukraine the agricultural company with the world-known name «Tavria», is an acknowledged leader it is included into the four best enterprises of the country as to the quantity and quality of alcohol drinks. Among the alcohol drinks there are ordinary and vintage cognacs with ageing from 3 to 25 years (here belongs «Imperial», which can really compete with the French Napoleon»), as well as table, medium dry and fortified wines, awarded many home and international prizes. Eruit and tomato juices of the Solodukhin's company are also well-known and sold not only in Ukraine but also exported.

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