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Parks, Reserves

Park the name of Lenin
(there are child's playgrounds and attractions)
73000, Kherson, prosp. Ushakova,
tel.: (0552) 22-26-96, 26-35-48.

Park by him. Leninist komsomol
(there are child's playgrounds and attractions is the covered skating rink)
73000, Kherson, street of Perekopskaya,
tel.: (0552) 22-26-96.

Park the name of Dimitrova
73000, Kherson, street of Lavreneva,
tel.: (0552) 29-91-26.

Park «Pridneprovskiy»
73000, Kherson, Pridneprovskiy lowering,
tel.: (0552) 55-60-48.

73000, Kherson, street of ?. Fortus
tel.: (0552) 26-09-66.
There is zoougolok on territory of Gidroparka. More in detail on a site:

Biosphere preserve of “Askaniya – New the name of F. Fal'ts-Feyna » (Kherson area) Founded in 1921 on the base of private preserve which existed from 1874. An area 11 ?. of ga; dry tipchakovo-kovil'nye steppes. Research from acclimatization of horse Przheval'skogo, zebra, antelope (kanna, bend), ostrich and other There are over 150 types of trees and bushes in dendroparke. In 1828 the German duke Ankhal't-ketenskiy founded a farm, adopted in honour an estate in Germanium, – Askaniya-nova. Later an estate passed to the German migrants of Fal'ts-feynam. In 1874 Frederic Fel'ts-feyn founded a zoo on this territory, and in 1887 is a dendrology park. Today Askaniya-nova is a world-wide preserve, one place on a continent, where absolutely virgin steppe is stored, on spaces of which freely wild animals graze from Africa, Australia, South America.
Black sea biosphere preserve (Kherson area). Most on an area preserve of Ukraine. It is boundless spaces of water and islands forgotten in it. It is here possible to meet more than 600 types of plants, various animal kingdom. But main riches of preserve are birds. From May for November tourists can do keen excursions on bird islands.


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