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Science and Research Institutions

On Kherson large potential of higher educational and scientific establishments is concentrated. Possibilities of which allow to satisfy the requirements of region in most industries of production and humanitarian sphere. He purchased the special development the last years. Due to it Kherson became an university city. His basis is made state technical and agrarian universities, unstate International university of business and right. They grew into the real educational establishments of modern type, prepare specialists for to almost 100 specialities, conduct the large advanced study, became the ponderable factor of development of economy and culture of region. A state university prepares the pedagogical shots of higher qualification for general establishments, and also engineers-programmers and specialists economic, legal, ecological types. In an university a 1 percent of population of area, and also representatives, studies from 19 areas of Ukraine and from abroad.

A technical university prepares specialists almost for to 30 specialities and is actually the unique in Ukraine higher educational establishment, which prepares the shots of higher qualification for textile industry, and also specialists of chemical, food, processing industry, engineer, automation, electronics, energy, komp'yuternykh technologies, transport, custom service, pharmaceutical industry, health and fine art care. An agrarian university is leading establishment of agrarian education and science in the south region of Ukraine, which prepares specialists on agronomics, zooinzhenerii, water bioresources, ecology, gidromelioratsii, industrial and civil building, account and audit, management, economy of enterprises. The international university of business and right prepares the specialists of private business and enterprise, management, international connections.

All of universities actively develop connections with educational establishments of other states. In particular technical university with the institutes of higher of England, Italy, USA, Turkey, Egypt, countries the CIS, state with the institutes of higher of Spain, Poland, Turkey, International university of business and right with the institutes of higher of Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, USA. An university network is effectively supported by educational establishments of other levels of accreditation. In their number there are 4 institutes, 4 colleges, 7 tekhnikumov and 7 uchilisch. On the whole at higher school of Kherson about 40 thousand students study annually. Comparatively with 1998 their amount grew more than twice. After this index Kherson is included in the second ten of regions of Ukraine.

A marine college exudes between higher educational establishments. He prepares the specialists of international level, which have demand in the world market of Labour, and also Kherson medical, ?????????-legal, polytechnic, Novokakhovskiy agrotechnical colleges. Use popularity the Kherson legal institute of the National university of internal affairs, Kherson nautical uchilische of fish industry et al. An uchebno-vospitatel'nyy process in establishments of higher education provides almost 3 thousand highly skilled teachers. From them there are more than 50 academicians, over 100 doctors and about 800 candidates of sciences, almost 700 professors and associate professors. It is a that highly intellectual fund, which brings in a large contribution to development of economy, culture and spirituality of region.

Such rich educational base enables it is wide to open out the advanced study. Conduct it, except for institute of higher schools, 10 research establishments. In an agroindustrial complex the scientific providing is carried out by a regional center, founded on the base of institute of agriculture of south region of Ukraine. 6 research establishments enter in the complement of center . Conducting in him institute on questions of the irrigated and unwatering earths of south of Ukraine. Considerable scientific and production potential is concentrated in him. Due to him the newest resurso- and Saribekova technologies of growing of agricultural cultures» are developed about 40 new varieties and hybrids of winter wheat are created, corn, soy, alfalfa, to the cotton plant, long-term cereal herbages which are brought to the register of sorts of plants of Ukraine, and 6 from them it is acknowledged national standards.

In composition a center is an institute of south vegetable-growing and bakhchevnika. Basic direction his activity is creation of new varieties and hybrids of vegetable and water-melon cultures, suitable for a lechebno-profilakticheskogo feed, development ecologically of clean resurso- and Saribekova technologies of their growing, processing and storage. Considerable work is conducted on the experimental stations of rice, sorghum and other cultures. In stock-raising industry the advanced and scientific and technical study is carried out institute of stock-raising of steppe districts the name of ?. F. Ivanova «Achzhaniya-Yaova» and Kherson state agrarian university. During the last years the institute of «Askaniya-Nova» is show out the new breeds of sheep.

Considerable work is conducted institute of higher scientific schools which in a technical university over 10, in state about 10. Their scientific achievements get wide confession. At creation of intensive technologies of preparation, kolirovki and finishing treatment of textile materials the collective of scientists under the direction of professor, doctor of engineerings sciences of technical university of G. S. Saribekova became in 2001 the laureate of the State bonus in the branch of science and technique. The considerable advanced study is conducted the Steppe branch of the Ukrainian research institute of forestry the name of In. Black Sea biosphere preserve, biosphere preserve of «Askaniya-nova» the name of F Vinogradova. E. Fal'ts-feyna, Azovo-Sivashskiy national natural park, South nauchno-proizvodstvennyy biotechnological center.

Dostignuvshie successes in educational-scientific activity find the personal interest not only in other regions of Ukraine but also abroad. A lot of possible advantageous variants of investment of the facilities here can find foreign and domestic investors.

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