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Tsyurupynsk district

It is located in the lower left-bank part of the Dnipro. Along the Dnipro riverbed the district borders on Beryslav, Bilozerka districts and Kherson in the north and west, on Kakhovka and Chaplynka districts in the east, on Skadovs’k in the south, on Hola Prystan’ district in the south-west.
Historically many settlements of different tribes were located here. The Oleshkivs’ka Sich was here in its time. Tsyurupyns’k was founded in 1784 under the name of Oleshky. Nowadays this is a town of district subordination.
The district is situated in the zone of the largest in Europe sandy arena, called Ukrainian Kara Kum. Due to creative work of several generations picturesque forests, which deeply refined nature of the lower Dnipro, appeared. Considerable work is performed by the scientists of the Nyzhnyodniprovs’ka (Lower Dnipro) Research Station for planting forests in sandy areas and viticulture.

Grain farming, viticulture, growing of early-maturing vegetables, meat and dairy cattle-breeding, sheep breeding are the basis of agricultural production. These sectors represent industrial structure of the district.
The Tsyurupyns’k Winery, products of which under the trade mark «Vyna Oleshya» («Wines of Oleshya») are in great demand in the domestic market, becomes more and more well-known. The Creamery and Cheese-Making Plant has wide opportunities for increasing its output.
In the nearest future the European Transport Corridor will go through the district. This will open up the region for communication with outer world and for larger quantity of visitors coming to numerous wonderful Dnipro tributaries, planted forests, the tourist camp in the village of Krynky, where Ostap Vyshnya, a classic of Ukrainian humor, liked to go.

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