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Velyka Oleksandrivka district

It is located in the upper western part of the rightbank Kherson region. It is bounded by Vysokopillya and Novovorontsovka districts in the north, by Beryslav district of Kherson region in the south and east, by Bereznehuvate and Snihurivka districts of Mykolayiv region in the west.
The region is characterized by hilly terrain; it is rather attractive in any time of a year. Many historic signs, evidencing its turbulent past, can be found in its territory and are interesting for lovers of history and area study.

Agricultural production is the most important sector of the district. The local soil is kindly for winter wheat, barley, corn, sunflower; cattlebreading is developed as well.
The largest in the south of Ukraine Bilokrynyts’kyi Cereal Integrated Plant is located here. Advantageous location near the railway junction, connecting Kherson and Kyiv, gives it an opportunity to cooperate closely with all its partners in any part of Ukraine and abroad.
Further development of grain farming, improvement of its structure, introduction of the newest high-yielding and high-quality varieties and technologies, establishment of favorable conditions for all comers to have a good rest are planned in prospect.

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