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Climane, Natural resources

An area is in a steppe area, belongs to the pools of the Black and Azovskogo seas. Soils are south black earths which change a livery. In a seashore area are chestnut solenovatye soils, peremezhevyvayuschie solontsami. Forests, mainly a pine-tree, white acacia, occupy an area over 200 thousand of ga. In steppes and forests there is a lot of game, in particular hunting, – deer, wild pigs, roe deer, bustards, grey partridges, pheasants, female quail, and in the rivers and lakes of fishes – sturgeon, bream, sheat-fishes and other Climate moderately continental. Ordinary temperature of January -5??, -3??, July +21,5??.
A summer is a roast, dry, the winters malosnezhnye. The climate of edge is friendly to growing of corn, maslichnykh, water-melon cultures, vine. The bowels of the earth of edge are rich on non-metallic minerals is sand, brick-tiled clays, peat, limestones, marl, kaolini. Considerable beds of a build and quartz sand. On Arabatskiy there is gas, geothermal waters a pointer. The searches of oil are conducted. Found out also the beds of fosforitov, boksitov. In an area there are a few salt lakes, brine and dirts which are utillized in medical practice.

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