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Kakhovka city

Kakhovka is a town of regional subordination and the center of Kakhovka district. It is located on the left Dnipro bank at the distance of 90 km from the regional center and 10 km from the cognominal railway station at the route Kherson - Novovesele (Zaporizhya region).
Kakhovka was founded in 1791 at the place of the former Turkish fortress Tslam-Kermen by colonel L. M. Kulykovskyi and was named in honor of the famous Russian soldiers, brothers Mykola and Vasyl Kakhovs’kiy. Kulykovsky's family owned Kakhovka to 1879. By that time they turned it into a trading town, thanking considerably to an advantageous geographical location at the trade routes junction near a well-known at one time Tavans’kyi ferry across the Dnipro.

Due to its famed fairs of wage labour, where up to 40 thousand workers a year gathered, Kakhovka played an important role of a supplier of employables for the large domains of Faltz-Fein, Trubetskoy, Mordvynov and other landowners. It were their estates that conditioned Kherson region's status of the main granary of Europe.
At the end of the XIX century industrial production began its development in the town. Agricultural machines plants, as well as a brew beer plant, distillery, timber mill, soft drinks factory appeared.
At the beginning of the XX century there were 6 schools, a hospital, a library (one of the oldest in Ukraine), a cinema and a people's house in the town. New owners of Nova Kakhovka - the merchants Pankyeyevs, who were well-known public characters and Maecenases, favored social and cultural development of Kakhovka.

From an untidy town, built-up with single story clay and brick buildings, Kakhovka has changed now into a beautiful, well-ordered and flourishing town, where over 40 thousand people live. Broad asphalted streets, bosomed in trees in the summer, are built-up with multistory housings.
Kakhovka has many picturesque places. But the quay of the Kakhovka Water Storage is the most beautiful of them.Construction of stores, summer cafes and wayside servicing centers is actively carried out in our days, modern garden suburbs and business zones are formed.
Nowadays Kakhovka is one of the industrial centers of Kherson region. Its products are known not only in Ukraine, but also far abroad. The Joint-Stock Society «Kakhovka Plant of Electric Welding Equipment» is a leading enterprise in this sphere. Now the plant manufactures ultramodern high-quality electric welding facilities, which compete successfully in the world market and are supplied to almost 80 countries. The Plant produces modern household appliances, which are in great demand, as well.
The Experimental Mechanical Plant, specialized in production of mechanisms and machines for processing and food-processing industries, the plant «Silhospahrehat» («Agricultural Units»), dealing with repair of diesel engines and manufacture of spare parts for agricultural equipment, as well as a Footwear Plant, form industrial infrastructure of the town.

In total there are more than 550 enterprises of different patterns of ownership in the town, this number includes small enterprises as well. Three fourths of the town's working population is occupied in this economy complex. The town's industrial enterprises contributed one fifth to the total output, works executed and services rendered in 2002; almost 60 % were contributed by the enterprises of small and medium entrepreneurship and business, about 10 % - by servicing enterprises and more than 5 % by the builders' organizations.
Development of small and medium business becomes more and more active in Kakhovka. Nowadays this business concentrates over 60 % of assets in the current capital. It is three times as much, as those at the big enterprises. The small and medium business develops dynamically, brings the market structure to a new commercial level and creates working places for the town's population. Business structures involve over 10 million UAHs and more than 2 million dollars of external investment annually. Such enterprises as «Petroplast», «Metal-Design», «Stav», «Parytet» («Parity»), «May», «Khimtekhnolohiya» («Chemical Technology») steadily provide products for the market, increase production output and enlarge their assortment.

The building sector is represented by entrepreneurship structures and builders' organizations. The most powerful of them are the Joint-Stock Societies «Budmayster» («Master of construction») and the Road Board No. 12. Kakhovka is being decorated by new servicing centers for the town's population as well as by houses.
Nowadays 6 schools, one secondary school, an evening school, a gymnasium, a filiation of Kherson State Technical University, a center of training for entering higher educational institutions of Kharkiv Aerospace Academy and classes-lyceums of the Kherson Physics and Mathematics Lyceum function in Kakhovka. A class-lyceum of the filiation of the Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University began functioning as well.

The municipal charitable project «Computer class to every school» is being successfully realized in the town. In particular the Joint-Stock Society «Kakhovka Plant for Electric Welding Equipment» has bought a computer class so as to provide functioning of the class-lyceum of the filiation of the Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University.
Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, the Board of Education and Science of the Regional State Administration carry out an experiment concerning the problem of educational monitoring, as a mechanism of an adapting management of general secondary education, on the basis of the town's schools No. 3 and 4.
The Kakhovka Municipal Culture Youth and Sports Center is one of the basic culture establishments in the region. 6 people's collectives, as well as 3 exemplary authors' ones, over 10 clubs and amateur associations work here. Kakhovka became a capital of the international festival «Tavriys’ki Igry» («Tavria Plays»), which is the most popular musical festival in Ukraine, since 1992. 170 wellknown singers from 16 world countries appeared at the stage of the festival for the period of 12 years. The people's deputy Mykola Bahrayev founded this festival.
Inhabitants of Kakhovka and Kherson region, as well as people from other regions of Ukraine, know that when luminous river liners arrive in this town, then a great and joyful holiday will start along with a new music year.

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